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An Individual Approach to Healing 

Effective, Natural Pain Management Clinic

Eliminate or manage your pain and get back to the vibrant life you once lived. At the office of Dr. Alt Holistic, we understand the challenges that come with battling chronic pain. Instead of using over-the-counter medications to manage the pain, receive help from a pain management clinic that offers more than steroid needle injections. Chronic pain can come in all forms, ranging from acute to chronic, and in all areas of the body, and sometimes it can be too difficult to manage on your own. Allow our expertise to work for your benefit.

pain management with k-laser

What to Expect at a Pain Management Clinic

We’re not your average pain clinic. When you come to the office of Dr. Alt Holistic, you’ll have peace of mind knowing we have a desire to go above and beyond to relieve your pain. We’re a pain management clinic that focuses on diagnosing and managing your pain, taking into consideration your needs and lifestyle to develop an effective treatment plan. Dr. Alt spends 45-50 minutes with each patient, taking the time to actually listen to your complaints.  

Dr. Alt loves solving puzzles and figuring out what is causing your condition. Many patients have been to 6-8 doctors before her and she is able to find a diagnosis and pain management plan where others cannot.

Remedies for Holistic Pain Management

As a pain management clinic that specializes in natural, non-invasive healing methods, there are a variety of options available to you. Procedures ranging from osteopathic manipulation and k-laser therapy to prolotherapy and craniosacral manipulation are performed by highly regarded Dr. Alt.  

Homeopathy, nutrient counseling, supplements, and diagnostic testing may be needed, such as lab and x-rays for your care. 

We’re a pain management clinic that’s dedicated to finding a lasting solution that will help you get back to the healthiest version of yourself. Contact Dr. Alt Holistic today to schedule your appointment and consultation.